"Our vision is to excel as specialists in the Power and Energy sector while expanding our expertise into various other construction fields. We aim to establish an unwavering reputation for excellence in all the services we provide. Through a commitment to quality and innovation, we aspire to be recognized as a trusted name in the industry, offering a comprehensive range of reliable solutions."


"Our mission is to leverage our extensive expertise to overcome technological barriers encountered throughout our journey in energy harvesting. We are dedicated to the development of diverse energy-based power projects, sharing our knowledge to drive progress and innovation in the industry."

"Positioned as a frontrunner, we specialize in the development, consultation, and maintenance of small and mini hydro power plants, serving clients in Sri Lanka and abroad."

"Fair Energy Group (FEG) is fortified by a multidisciplinary team of engineering experts, well-versed in all aspects of general construction and specializing in the design, construction, and consultancy of Small & Mini Hydro Power Plants. We also excel in the maintenance of these power plants. Our primary objective in serving our esteemed clients is to deliver exceptional service, leveraging our expertise in a practical and cost-effective manner."

At present three entities are being sheltered by the FEG umbrella. They are Fair Energy Developers (Pvt.) Ltd. (Called F E D (Pvt.) Ltd.), Fair Energy Services (Pvt.) Ltd. (Called F E S (Pvt.) Ltd.) and Fair Constructions (Pvt.) Ltd. Where F E D (Pvt.) Ltd. is to provide services under EPC contracts, Design and Consultancy services mean while developing our own projects. And F E S (Pvt.) Ltd. has been established to provide services such as turn-key constructions and plant maintenance while Fair constructions doing construction works non-related to the power and energy sector. The Founder of FEG, Eng. Chinthaka Wanigasekara has been working in Sri Lanka and Overseas as an all-rounder in design and construction field in hydro power sector since 1996 and later established an entity as an own company called F E D (Pvt.) Ltd., in 2008. It has shown a remarkable progress within a short period of time completing two hydro power plants called Punugala MHPP and Maha Oya MHPP of 3.0 MW each successfully under EPC contract. Now F.E.G is playing a key role in the Mini Hydro Power sector in Sri Lanka by practicing Designing, consultancy and constructions completing about six number of mini scale plants. The FEG has an excellent team of experts capable of providing engineering solutions to any kind of critical engineering issues. That is the secret of our success which we have obtained within such a short period of time as a good team with a heap of collected experience and proof technology. So as FEG is diversifying its resources to build up a good business conglomerate by innovating new technologies and methods which should be prominent and essential in a competitive construction industry. Therefore we are expanding our engineering network with the intention to lift the pressure from the investors mind by providing a reliable and trust worthy service.

Who We Are? Meet Our Team!

We develop, we consult, we maintain. We prefer to use the latest technologies.

Eng. Chinthaka Wanigasekara


Eng. Chinthaka Wanigasekara has been graduated from Faculty of Engineering,University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. He has started his carrier in 1996 after his graduation under the guidance of much qualified team of consultants attached to the same University. He has worked for more than 20 years as an all-rounder in Hydro Power Sector involving in designs, supervisions, consultancy and construction works. So many hydro potentials in Sri Lanka and Over-seas have been turned in to power generating points during that remarkable history. Not only Sri Lankan investors but also foreign governments and investors are familiar with his talented and genuine service.

  • +94 77 395 4390
  • dasunw@hotmail.com

Priyantha Weerasinghe


Head of supply Dept.
( B.Sc. Physical University of Peradeniya. )
(More than Sixteen years experience with sound knowledge of hydro power sector )

  • +94 77 726 0312
  • priyantha@fairenergygroup.com

Eng. Sajeewa

Project Manager

Civil Engineer.
( B.Sc. Eng University of Peradeniya. )
(More than Sixteen years experience in Hydro Power sector )

  • +94 77 726 0315
  • mwsajeewa@fairenergygroup.com


Local Involvements

Eng. Chinthaka Wanigasekara has involved in more than 27 Mini Hydro Power projects as well as number of village Hydro projects under rural electrification development programs


Oversease Involvements

8 Mini Hydro Projects and 3 Village Hydro Projects have been completed Rwanda and Burundi while providing design and consultancy works for Croatia

Personal involvements of Eng. Chinthaka Wanigasekara


Company Profile

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Dry Ice Blasting

Revolution of Industrial Machine Cleaning

Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice blasting is known by several names: dry ice blasting, dry ice cleaning, CO2 blasting, dry ice dusting, and even environmentally sustainable cleaning. Dry ice blasting is an efficient and cost-effective way for industries to maximize production capability and quality.Dry ice blasting eliminates the expense and the hazards of chemical cleaning, while avoiding costly environmental clean-up requirements.Dry ice blasting has many unique and superior benefits over traditional blasting media.

Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

  • Green Clean/ Environmental friendlly
  • Reduces downtime
  • Faster and best results
  • Reduces waste disposal
  • Reduces risk and liability

Applications of Dry Ice Blasting

  • Dry Ice Blasting is ideal to remove Bitumen from mining equipment, electric motor fins, loading areas or spill clean up as it cools the Bitumen Tar, allowing it to release from the substrate much easier than when it’s softer.
  • Improve the efficiency of fin fan coolers by up to 35% by cleaning out years of built up dust and debris allowing air to pass through the fins. Dry ice blasting will remove unwanted blockages without damaging delicate fins allowing the cooler to perform it’s task.
  • Increase the in-service life expectancy of electric motors by up to 75% with regularly scheduled cleaning of the cooling fins. Keeping the fins clean and free of contamination will allow energy-robbing heat buildup to escape the motor, thus extending the life of components like rotors and stators.
  • Allows the year-round cleaning of bitumen off areas requiring service repairs without messy buildup of media such as water and sand in adjacent areas.
  • Exchangers, Chillers, Evaporators, Condensers, Generator Fans, and Air Exchangers can be dry ice blasted, saving on increased energy costs.
  • Carbon dust build up on VFDs can lead to arcing across terminals causing short circuits. Dry Ice Blasting can be aggressive enough to remove all surface contamination while delicate enough to not damage the components of the drive.
  • Remove unwanted contamination off all types of scaffolding quickly, efficiently, and with an environmentally responsible method, allowing the components to be put back in service.
  • Dry Ice Blast mastic away to permit welding and service repairs to the inside of furnace walls without introducing any type of residual media into the area.

Dry Ice cleaning

Steel Building Erection

Low Cost Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings

Design,Fabrications and Constructions of multi storey steel building.

Ongoing 4 Storey Steel Building

Our Dedicated Involvements

Here You are scrolling down with our interesting tasks

Client:Power Base Technology (Pvt)Ltd
Site Location:IllumbaKanda,Pothupitiya,Kalawana
Construction:Turnkey Basis
Illumbakanda Photo Gallery
Client:Fair Lanka Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd
Capacity:1.75 MW
Site Location:Maa oya, Hanguranketha
Construction:Built and Own basis
Upper Mahaoya Photo Gallery
Client:Power converters (Pvt.)Ltd.
Capacity:3.0 MW
Site Location:Punugala, Yatiyanthota
Commisioned year: May 2012
Stream or Rever : We Oya, Yatiyanthota
Head : 70m
Turbines : 3 Nos. of Francis Type ( 1500kw, 1000kw & 500 kw )
Penstocks : 1850m long line of Steel pipes of Dn=1820mm.
Headrace Channel: 250m long Channel with a section of 3.5mx1.5m
Punugala Photo Gallery
Client:Power Base Technology (Pvt)Ltd
Site Location:Wee Oya, Yatiyantota
Turbines:4Nos of 1500KW Turbine
Weeoya photo Gallery
Client:Natural Power(Pvt.)Ltd.
Site Location:Nuwaraelita
Kabaragala photo Gallery
Client:Natural Power (Pvt.) Ltd
Site Location:Nivithigala, Rathnapura
Stream:Niri Ella rever
Niriella photo Gallery
Client:Global Alliance (Pvt) Ltd
Site Location:Rathganga
Rathganga photo Gallery
Client:Santak Power (Pvt) Ltd
Capacity:1.5 MW
Site Location:Nawalapitiya
Korawakoya photo Gallery
Client:Wellawaya Hydro Power (Pvt)Ltd
Site Location:Wellawaya
Turbine:800KW Fransis turbine and 400KW Turgo turbine
Wellawaya photo Gallery
Client:Mul Oya Power base (Pvt) Ltd
Site Location:Hanguranketha
Muloya photo Gallery
Client:Kandedola Tea Factory (Pvt) Ltd
Site Location:Pitabeddara, Akuressa
Commissioned year: 1997
Kandedola photo Gallery
Client: Kahawaththa Plantation (Pvt) Ltd
Capacity:100 kW
Site Location:Nawalapitiya
Commissioned year : 2013
 Katabula Photo Gallery
Client:Kahawaththa Plantation (Pvt) Ltd
Commissioned year: 2014
 Welandura Photo Gallery
Client:Kahawaththa Plantation (Pvt) Ltd
 Creighead Photo Gallery
Client:Maa Oya Hydropower (Pvt) Ltd
Site Location:Unanthanna, Hanguranketha
Stream or Rever : Maa Oya, Hanguranketha
Gross Head : 65m
Headrace Channel-01: 750m long Channel with a section of 1.5mx1.0m
Headrace Channel-02: 650m long Channel with a section of 2.5mx1.35m
Penstocks : 580m long line of Steel pipes of Dn=1400mm.
Turbines : 3 Nos. of Francis Type ( 1000kw, 700kw & 300 kw )
Diversion : Two Diversion Weirs
Maaoya Photo Gallery
Client:Alied Renewable Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
Capacity:3.0 MW
Commisioned year: March of 2014
Site Location : Unanthanna, Hanguranketha
Stream or Rever : Maa Oya, Hanguranketha
Gross Head : 70m
Headrace Channel: 250m long Channel with a section of 3.5mx1.5m
Penstocks : 1850m long line of Steel pipes of Dn=1850mm.
Turbines : 3 Nos. of Francis Type ( 1500kw, 1000kw & 500 kw )
Mahaoya Photo Gallery
Client:Ebbawala Power base (Pvt) Ltd
Capacity:4.0 MW
Commissioned year: October of 2016
Site Location : Ebbawala, Naula, Matale
Reservour : Nalanda
Gross Head : 95m
Headrace Channel: 1100m long Channel with a section of 3.5mx1.35m
Penstocks : 1580m long line of Steel pipes of Dn=1820mm.
Turbines : 3 Nos. of Francis Type ( 1600kw, 1600kw & 800 kw )
Ebbawala Photo Gallery
Client:M/S Terraqua Kokavita (Pvt) Ltd
Site Location : Kalawana
Construction:Turnkey Basis
Gross Head : 17m
Penstocks : 550m long line of GRP pipes of Dn=1820mm.
Kokawita Photo Gallery
Client:Pan Aian power /Padiyapelella HydroPower (Pvt) Ltd
Site Location : Munwatta, Padiyapelella
Gross Head : 155m
Penstocks : 525m long line of Steel pipes of Dn=1820mm.
Turbines : 2 Nos. of Francis Type ( 2100kw, 2100kw )
Construction : Turnkey basis
Padiyapelalla Photo Gallery
Client:D J Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.
Capacity:3.5 MW
Expected Commissioning Date : February, 2018
Site Location : Maliyadda, Nildandahena
Gross Head : 70m
Diversion : Two Diversion Weirs
Headrace Channel-01: 950m long Channel with a section of 2.30mx1.25m
Headrace Channel-02: 25m long Channel with a section of 4.00mx1.50m
Penstocks : 1100m long line of Steel pipes of Dn=1950mm.
Turbines : 4 Nos. of Francis Type ( 3Nos x 1000kw & 500kw )
HalgranOya Photo Gallery
Client:Udawela Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd
Capacity:1500 kW
Site Location:Udawela, Elamulla,Padiyapelalla
Construction:Build And Own basis
Udawela Photo Gallery
Client:Waterfall Hydro Power (Pvt.) Ltd.
Site Location:Kalawana, Rathnapura.
Rever : Delgoda rever
Gross Head : 29m
Headrace Channel: 450m long Channel with a section of 4.50mx2.00m
Penstocks : 500m long, Twin line of Steel pipes of Dn=1450mm.
Rannokkanda Photo Gallery

What’s New?

Get the best services from us

As a leading company in Hydro power sector in Sri Lanka, we have engaged to fulfill all Design, Constructions, Consultancy and maintenance requirements of our clients. Requirements of Clients will be met effectively and efficiently under a guidance of a superior team. FEG wishes to serve their Investors all over the following areas

Design and Consultancy Services for Small/Mini Hydro Power Plants

  • Conceptual designs of projects for cost effective implementations.
  • Preparing pre-feasibility studies.
  • Detailed feasibility studies and designs.
  • Designs of all Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Systems.
  • Preparing BOQ’s, financial evaluations.
  • Cost leadership construction methods.
  • Ordering world branded spares for Hydro Power Plants.
  • Assess viability of the projects.
  • Unique consultant for GRP pipe installation(Mini Hydro Power Plants) in SriLanka.

Operations and Maintenance of Small/Mini Hydro Power Plants

  • Reliable protective and preventive maintenance of power Plants, Including Civil, Mechanical and Electro Mechanical areas.
  • Attending for breakdown rectifications, System enhancements, reliability measures and risk assessments.
  • Attending in Project Modifications, capacity Up-Grading and rehabilitations.
  • Risk assessments and proposals for plant modifications.

Electro Mechanical Supplies

  • Supplies of any kind of E & M equipment.(Turbines, Generators and Governors)
  • Design and Fabrications of Synchronizing panels and Switch yards.
  • Fault clearing of electrical systems in Hydro Power plants.
  • Agent for supplying Generators of Marrelli Motori ( Italy ) and after sale service provider in Sri Lanka

Civil Construction

  • Undertake constructions, Project management and procurements
  • All kind of civil constructions.
  • Undertake project construction on contract basis or turnkey basis.
  • Fault clearing in civil constructions.

Electro Mechanical Solutions

  • Design and Consultancy for Power Plants
  • Installation and Commissioning of E & M systems.
  • Fault clearing of electrical systems in Hydro Power plants.
  • Design and Fabricators of Synchronizing panels and Switch yards.

Services Overview related to Small Hydro Power Plants and Mini Hydro Power Plants

E & M Installation. Perfect installation of E&M with precise alignment by a qualified team. Read More

Sole Agent of Marreli Motori Generators and after sale service provider.Read More

Supply of E & M with a high responsibility and after installed guaranty.Read More

Design and manufacture of Synchronize Panels and Control Panels etc.Read More

Design & Manufacture of Ballast Control Panels and Ballast Tanks for safe running of plants with long Penstocks.Read More

Installation of Surge Valves for Hydro Power Plants with High heads and Long Penstocks.Read More

Babbitt Bearing Inspections, Repairs and Oil Testing for Turbines and Generators.Read More

Wicket Gates and Runner repairs of Turbines with perfect clearances for efficient and Vibration free operations.Read More

Electro Mechanical repairs in Gate Valves and Butterfly valves.Read More

Modifications and Repairs in Bearing Cooling systems for hassle free operations.Read More

Regular inspection for Generators and Repairs. Eg: Earth resistance testing, Insulation testing, Vibration testing and bearing replacements.Read More

Rectifications and Modifications of Penstocks, Expansion Joints, surge Chambers and Intakes.Read More

Manufacturing of Sluice Gates and Radial Gates according to the Site conditions.Read More

Testing of Plant Performances. Eg: Flow Measurements and Efficiency calculations.Read More

Sand Blasting and Painting of rusted or new Penstock Lines in order to enhance the Plant Life.Read More

Governor Repairs and Settings for smooth operations and Time Settings for safe operations of Turbines, Generators and Penstocks.Read More

Workshop Facility

Crossflow Runner Repair

This Runner's blades were damaged.Therefor after dismentling, remove all damged runner set and fabricate new blades and side flangers.

Safe Handling of Work Pieces for Repairs with Electric Hoists

No damage will be happen on the equipment. We use latest technology and relaibaly equipment

Re-boring of a Flexible Coupling

The coupling was filled and faceing it upto become pre-decide diameter

Key, Keyway and Keyseat cutting

Build or repair all type Keys, Keyways and Keyseat on shaft or bore is possible

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